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What Exactly is Travertine Tile?

Formed when carbon dioxide-rich water percolates through rocks in limestone areas, the water dissolves the limestone and becomes saturated with it. When the environment the water runs through, changes significantly (ex. drop in pressure and/or change in temperature) this causes the water to release the carbon dioxide as gas, much like fizzy drinks. The calcium carbonate then re-crystallizes; small debris, scrub and living biotic material are encrusted. The biotic material may survive and continue growing on top. Rich deposits of aged, Travertine, named after Tivoli, Italy, where it was first mined extensively by the Romans. The rock typically remains quite porous with numerous cavities. It can be exceptionally porous. When pure and fine, travertine is white, but often is brown to yellow due to impurities (other than carbonate minerals).


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